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EIB Suite

Important update: The project is up and live! I moved it to since does NOT support linux subversion clients. (at least without major hassle).

KNXDroid - KNX Client for android
As part of my project, i have made a commercial android application to control the KNX installation. if you have an android phone, and you like to donate to this project, you can buy the application from the android market: check out my blog - for more details.

Getting started

Project Description

This project is a complete EIB (European Installation Bus) integration suite.
The Applications within the project allow to connect, monitor and control devices in a Smart Home enviroment using various external interfaces.
The project was developed in C++ and C#.
The project was supported by Ben Gurion University, Department of Comminucation Systems Engineering and Professor Ran Giladi

System architecture overview

Overall Architecture diagram

The project consists of several sub projects:

Infrastructure (Standard Library)
This project contains the infrastructure needed by all the other projects. The project is written in c++ and contains some useful classes such as Socket, Thread and Hashing algorithms. All other sub projects in the EIB Suite use this library to implement the necessary functionality.

EIB Server
This project serves as the main point between the EIB Devices and the surrounding servers, which provide interfaces to the "outer world" (e.g. SMS Server, AMX Server etc.). Tthe EIB Server accepts all the messages from EIB Devices, encrypts these messages and delivers the desired messages to the relevant interfaces.

AMX Server
This projects is a network gateway and translation between the EIB (KNX) protocol and the AMX products. The AMX products are used to provide managment & control layer between the user and audio/visual devices such as monitors, projectors, DVD's VCR's, touchpads, etc. This server provides the user the ability to control and monitor devices connected in an AX-Link via the EIB Network.

SMS Server
The SMS Server servs as a gateway between the EIB network and the cellular network. The user can configure the SMS Server to send SMS alerts for EIB event or to use SMS messages to send commands to EIB devices.

Voice Server
The Voice Server utilizes the Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista. The user can configure voice commands that will trigger EIB events.
Note: You will need the .NET 3.5 framework to run the Voice Server.

Web Server
The Web Server provides an internet gateway to the EIB Server. You can use your browser to access the Web Server and EIB device history or send a command to an EIB device.

EIB Console
The EIB Console provides a GUI for the EIB Server. Through the console, a user can change some server configuration settings and monitor the system status.

EIB Mobile
EIB Mobile is a this client for the EIB Server. is has the same functionality as the EIB Conslole. this client aimed to Windows Mobile 6 (with .NET Cmpact framework 3.5).
Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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