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Building the project under Linux:
The project was tested under:
  • ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic kuala).
  • ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty jackalope).

note: if you build it under different version please let me know so i will update the list of working OS versions.

in order to build the project:
  1. download the latest source code from this site do somewhere on your hard drive (i.e. /home/<your_user>/Desktop/EIB)
  2. open shell and change directory to the root directory of the project (i.e. "cd /home/<your_user>/Desktop/EIB")
  3. type "make install"

basically thats it! if the build procedure ended successfully you should be able to go into /home/<youruser>/Desktop/EIB/bin/debug or /home/<youruser>/Desktop/EIB/bin/release and you can finder there all binaries needed.
i am planning to create debian package with precompiled binaries to make the process more user friendly, so stay tuned.

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